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Selective and Meticulous Ingredients

The pristine underground water sourced from Mount Gokurakuji ensures a stable water quality, imparting a smooth and clear taste to our finished sake. This water quality contributes transparency and a crisp flavor profile to the crafted sake. Additionally, we exclusively use high-quality raw materials such as Yamada Nishiki, Senbon Nishiki, Hattan Nishiki, and Nakate Shin Senbon from Hiroshima, further enhancing the exceptional taste of our products.

Traditional Sake Brewing Techniques

At Yahatagawa Shuzo, we adhere to traditional brewing methods, meticulously executing each step by hand. Using high-quality raw materials, we pay careful attention to temperature control throughout the manufacturing process. Temperature fluctuations during fermentation significantly influence the taste and aroma of sake; therefore, we employ cooling systems to ensure precise temperature management at all times.

Dedicated Quality Control Pursuit

With a long history dating back to the Bunsei era, the spirit of Yahatagawa Shuzo has been consistently "Quality First." Inheriting traditional methods and techniques, we provide stable and high-quality products. By preserving traditional flavors and culture, we continue to expand our fan base.

Diverse and Unique Lineup

Yahatagawa Shuzo produces a variety of sake types, including the representative products "Rikugi Daiginjyo," "Yahatagawa Junmai Daiginjyo," "Yahatagawa Junmai Ginjyo," "Kassei Nigorizake," "Tokubetsu Junmai Miyajima Masamune," and "Junmai Genshu Tachimachi Komachi." Each product boasts distinctive flavors, making them excellent companions for various cuisines. We offer a wide range, including seasonal and region-specific limited editions.

Deep Ties with the Local Community

We closely collaborate with local chambers of commerce and agricultural cooperatives, incorporating local ingredients into our products. The harmonious match with local culinary culture and specialties has led to the creation of beloved products among the local community. Through collaboration with local governments, we actively contribute to regional revitalization by utilizing local ingredients in our sake production.

Accumulating Flavors in Hiroshima

Our journey began with a desire to bring joy to the people of Hiroshima by offering quality sake. Fueled by love and pride for our local community, we dedicate ourselves daily to ensuring quality and delivering the blissful taste with skilled craftsmanship. Simultaneously, we are considering international expansion, aiming to spread the flavors of Yahatagawa Shuzo worldwide with the support of our local community.